Top Survey Questions to Ask Your Customers

My last post revealed the secret to creating a successful web site. If you read it, you know that it had to do with surveying your customers to understand what they want or understand their pain points. Today’s post I will help you come up with key questions that should give deep insights in understanding your customers needs. Keep your questions as free form and try not to have multiple choice. You want your customers to express themselves as you might pickup on how they speak. This is important as you want to speak the same way to them. By keeping it free form, sometimes your customers will reveal things that you did not ask about. This type of information is crucial.

You can use a software like Survey Monkey but if you want to save money, simply create a Google doc and send the link via email to your existing customers.

Top Survey questions:

Why were you looking to buy (insert product or service)?

Were you buying for yourself or someone else?

What made you buy from (insert company name)?

What convinced you that it was a good decision?

What made you choose us over others?

What matters do you the most when buying (insert product or service) online?

How do you choose which product to buy?

Did you do any comparison shopping?

How many other sites did you look at?

What do you like the most about our service?

Why are (insert product or service) important to you?

How would you like to buy (insert product or service) online?

What would be the ideal scenario?

Which doubts and hesitations did you have before purchasing?

Which question(s) did you have while browsing our site, but couldn’t find an answers to?

Anything else you would like to tell us?

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