The Secret to creating a successful Web site

Many times when meeting with clients they tell me. “Why don’t we design the site like competitor A or competitor B?” “They make tons of money, why not copy them?” Let me tell you something, that is a big mistake. I know at first glance your thinking that your competition must have spent a lot of money on R&D and probably tested many strategies to end up with a site that is making a butt load of money. And they must have the secret formula so why not copy it and become rich? The reason is, if it were that easy…everyone would be doing it, even myself. But the reality is, it won’t work and you will fail with this strategy. Remember this:

What works for Amazon will not work for you. You are not Amazon, and Amazon plays by different rules.

“But Chris, Amazon is not my competitor…” Ok whomever it is, make believe that they are Amazon and they play by a different rule and so should you. I’m not saying don’t learn from them, or research them, but do not focus in copying them. Instead of copying your competition, focus on the key secret to creating a successful web site…your customers. Yes… that is the secret…your customers are the key to creating a successful web site. Are you thinking that this advice sounds stupid? Sounds to simple? Well then let me ask you. Have you asked your customers lately about their needs? Have you asked them about their pain points? I’m not talking about 1 or 2 of your friends that uses the site. I’m talking about 10-50 anonymous strangers with no-strings-attached honest customers that would honestly give you true feedback on your web site?

Most likely no.

Think about it..are you selling your services to your competitors? No. Then why would you copy them? Why not put your focus and efforts on actual people that actually buy from you. Tailor your site to resolve all of their issues and provide them with a great site that they always dreamed of buying from. If you can truly understand your customer needs, you will have no problem in creating your successful web site.



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